Christmas Styles and Trends 2021 – English version

We’re back! Fall is around the corner and with that also the Christmas season. We are very excited! Today we kick off with the first blog of the season: Christmas styles and trends 2021.

Every year there are Christmas themes: recurring trends and trends that are of a temporary nature. This year a lot of fairs were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But that can’t kill the fun. We found some sneak peeks online and were able to visit one fair that did open its doors. We also try to follow the trends from England and America and see which of those find their way across the ocean to our humble country.

The spotted trends lined up for you

  1. Yuletide: cosy & traditional. The famous and loved colours red, green and gold. This year we also see terra (brown/red) and a fresh green added to the mix. We lean a bit towards the Scandinavian side, a bit more modest than our American variant.
Romantic country style

2. Romantic country style: Soft pastels combined with many shades of grey. Here and there is a subtle hint of green. Dark red and mustard yellow also make an appearance as well as the dried flower trend. It has a very natural feel to it.

Las Vegas
Paris Champagne Pink

3. Las Vegas: a timeless style with lots of glamour and bling. Many shades of gold and silver combined with lots of glitter and splendor.

4. Paris Champagne Pink: an elegant, pink fairytale style that speaks to the imagination. Paris, elegance, exclusivity. In this theme velvet pink, blush pink and pearl recur with hints of Paris.

5. Peacock: The splashing colours of the peacock. It has a luxurious vibe with different patterns and cuddly fabrics & structures. A true green & blue explosion of bright jewels.


6. Black & white: Modern elegance. Who doesn’t love the classic simplicity of black & white decorations with a bit of bling? Very stylish and distinct for a high end atmosphere in your home.

Black & White: Modern Elegance

7. Indigo Dreams with Delfts blue: the traditional Delfts blue ornaments combined with a rustic Christmastree. This theme presents the perfect balans and has a European feel to it. * A nice tidbit to know: Both Christmas girls’ were born in Delft.

Indigo Dreams

8. Snowy woods: polar bears, winteranimals, snowy trees and wooden ornaments. This theme reminds you of Alaska or even Disney’s Frozen (also a seperate theme this year). White, light grey, soft blue and small hints of brown and green set the tone for this theme. A true Winter’s scene. Definitely worth trying out in your decor this year.

Snowy Woods

9. Gingerbread: an old classic that is becoming more and more popular. Various decorations of gingerbread men or other types of baked goods. Wether it’s in a wreath, ornament or pictured in figurines, it’s still a very nice touch.


10. Eco-friendly: climate change and the environment are hot topics at the moment. This is visible in this year’s Christmas decor. Wrapping paper made of sugar cane, soy wax candles or paper ornaments instead of plastic. This year the choice for environmental decorations has expanded.


Christmas abroad

Christmas in England

Traditional and luxury are must yet with a touch of modesty. The quality of the Christmas ornaments is also important. Better to pay a little extra for something that lasts a few years and stays stylish. Beautiful and tastefully decorated shoppingstreets are a feast for the eyes. Also, London for Christmas is a definite recommendation.

Christmas in America:

Exuberant, glitter and glamour. Coloured lights that are a little over the top, Santa’s of several meters long. The more the merrier. People spend more money this time of year. Presents, decorations, food. It’s a whole happening. Enough reasons to spend a buck or two extra. Another pearl: New York. The place to be for the holidays. Who doesn’t have that Home aloneI fantasy? It’s still a bucketlist item for The Christmas Girls. Have you guys been already?

Christmas in Germany:

Here the cosy, homey feel and fellowship is a central theme with a dash of nostalgia. We love to go there and visit the authentic Christmasmarkets and department stores. Düsseldorf, Aachen and Cologne. You find yourself in wandering the streets as if in a Anton Pieck calender.

The Christmas Girls’ Styling tip

This year, choose a style and add a trend to it. Give it your own twist. Don’t be afraid to choose items that lie out of your comfortzone for once. The nice thing about styling something is that you can always make something your own. Sometimes, just the use of a few new items can give your decor a whole new look. Make use of pillows and blankets for example. Enough to give your decor a new twist.

Our favourites

We’ve listed a few trends for you. Ofcourse there are still plenty more themes available. It also depends on the stores and suppliers. Either way, there is plenty to look forward to. Our favourites this year are Yuletide and Peacock. Two very different styles yet each a joy to behold. We like the traditional feels of Yuletide but can also appreciate the out-of-the-box feel from Peacock.

Do you have an idea yet of what you want to do this year? Which colours you’ll use or which trend you’ll add to your decor? Let us know by leaving a comment on the blog or on our social media.

Stay tuned for more.

The Christmas Girls

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