Pearls in the city: Christmas Village Scheveningen

They’ve been open for only a few days but haven’t had a moment of peace yet. Welcome to Christmas Village Scheveningen; the most enjoyable place in the harbour!

Old Smoke house

If you want to feel and experience Christmas then this little pearl at the Dr. Lelykade in Scheveningen is definitely worth a visit. In the weeks leading up to the holidays the Old Smoke house has been transformed to a true Christmas scene.

Treasure hunt

Upon entering the warehouse you are immediately surrounded by the excited chatter of happy customers who are expressing their awe and wonder. You’d think that people wouldn’t be that into Christmas yet considering it’s only September, however it’s the complete opposite.

At first glace the warehouse appears to be a big hall of two storeys filled with decorations. But look around you and take the time to really take it all in. Every corner, each tableau or stand is filled with treasures; each meter displaying its own character. We noticed we had difficulty chosing between making pictures or admiring everything and shop. The store truly has everything. Christmas ornaments, garlands, firgurines, Christmas balls and fairylights in all shapes, sizes and colours!


Amongs the different decorations you can recognize this year’s Christmas trends aswell. The traditional decorations and figurines of Santa Claus, nutcrackers, rocking horses, airballoons and tons of classical ornaments in red, gold or Christmas green. Rustic ornaments of wood, decorations in different pastels and green. Elegant pink combined with soft artificial flowers. Bright blues and greens, polar bears, penguins, snowmen, deer, leprechauns, gingerbread etc. It’s too much to list off.


When you enter the warehouse there is a route for you to follow. This is still according to Covid-regulations and prevents you from bumping into other people. You start your route on the left where you are welcomed by some beautifully decorated corners before entering the great hall. The first thing that catches your attention in the great hall is the beautiful airballoon above your head. You walk through the hall, enter another hall before the route takes you upstairs. Everywhere you look you find beautiful Christmassy products and decorations. We won’t tell you to much because this really is a little pearl you have to admire for yourself 😉

Christmas mood

Looking back on our visit, the warehouse truly brought us in the Christmas mood. Lovely Christmas music in the background, friendly clerks and enough to choose from. The store has everything you can think of but also plenty of products for budget-friendly prices! Last week we wrote a blog about “Christmas on a budget” and this store is definitely one to add unto that list. Think of beautiful boxes to pack away gifts in for only 1,50 euros or artificial branches (really beautiful ones) for only 1,50-2,00 euros. Ornaments in different shapes and sizes for budget prices. Isn’t that great?

Christmas Joy

Christmas Village Scheveningen really manages to give you the ultimate holiday spirit. You instantly feel like going home with your new loot and set up your Christmas tree. Compliments to the warehouse! This won’t be the last time you’ll see us.

Our tip

If we piqued your curiosity: this little pearl is opened from Thursday to Sunday from 10.00-18.00. Starting October 1st, the store will opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday.

Enough time to have a look yourself. Since you’re there anyway you might aswell take your car/bike a few streets further and go to Visafslagweg 20. Enjoy your spoils while munching down on some good fish at Simonis! If you’re into the classier stuff then walk on to Dr. Lelykade 43 and sit down at Catch!

See you next time!

The Christmas Girls

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