Home Decoration – English Version

Let the Christmas decorations come! We have reached the end of November, also Thanksgiving weekend for our foreign followers. In the Netherlands some are happily waiting for the arrival of “Sinterklaas” but for The Christmas Girls decorating can’t start soon enough.


Your theme plays an important role in choosing your decorations. You take the style of your house, colour theme and decorations that compliment your decor into consideration. You use this information as your base. The next step is to make an inventory of the things you already have in the house and the things you need to buy.


A moodboard is a nice way to collect your wishes and ideas. It can help to organise your thoughts and give a better image of what you want. Are you going for the same thing as the year before with a twist or are you going out of the box? Some people like making a physical collage with newspaper clips or magazine clips. Another way to make a moodboard is via an app like Canva or by making a collage on your phone/tablet.

We made moodboards ourselves this year. On Instagram we shared the themes that we used for inspiration. Yardéna chose a Rustic Christmas theme combined with British traditional tones.

Carmen chose Traditional with a modern twist.

Our decorations are far from complete but we will happily give you a taste along with some practical tips.

Front door

Christmas starts at the front door. How nice is it to hang a beautiful Christmas wreath? The possibilities are numerous. You can buy a real Christmas wreath or artificial one. It is fun to style a wreath with your own colours or theme.

The hallway

The hallway is another place to give a Christmas touch. You can do this by adding a Christmas doormat, hang some Christmas branches above the mirror or by hanging a nice Christmas quote or painting on the wall. Plenty of possibilities. Voor the staircase you can put down artificial candles, hang a Christmas garland on the railings and nowadays people even put down decorative presents of rotan or fairy lights. Enough ways to make your hallway ready for the holidays.

The living room

Ofcourse your Christmas tree will be your centerpiece. Give this your own twist. Start with the string of lights. Warm or cool, coloured, singular or double strings. There is enough to choose from. Then you add your ribbons and garlands. Next are the Christmas balls and ornaments.

For the bottom of the tree you can choose either a basket or a tree skirt. If you have a real tree then a nice pedestal also works.

Our tip: put decorative gifts under the tree. These are super nice and along the way you can replace them by real presents.

For on the couch there is an array of Christmas pillows and coloured blankets to finish your living room. Garden centers and stores have a nice collection to choose from.

For on your table, closet, dressor or butler tray there is a variaty of candles available. Real ones or artificial ones, big broad candles or small thin ones.

Also think of Christmas houses, a Christmas village or a manger. Combine this with a garland or some greenery.

For the dining table choose a Christmas centerpiece of candlesticks. If you have a fireplace, hang some stockings. It immediately gives your house a homey feel.

Our tip: put a tree disc on the table with candles in different heights.


This is for the real Christmas fan. Hang a Christmas towel and add a Christmas soappump, scentbag or an artificial candle. If you want to take it up a notch then think about adding a Christmas painting, decorative figurine or even a toiletpaper holder!


This season we love Christmas aprons. The Christmas Girls both have an array of Christmas mugs and special dinner plates. Ofcourse Christmas napkins belong in this list as well. You can use the simplest things to give your kitchen a touch of Christmas. A nice Christmas cookie jar, artificial tree or decorations. For us Christmas lights is a favourite. Hang a garland with lights above your kitchen cabinets. You can also decorate a tray with Christmas items.

Our tip: Christmas towels and oven mittens. They are fun to look at and immediately bring some Christmas magic. For more table decorating tips, read our blog about The Christmas Table.


There is plenty of Christmas bedding available. A nice Christmas comforter gives your bedroom a Christmassy feel. For the nightstands you can add a small artificial tree or artificial candles. Maybe finish it with some Christmas scent sticks.

Our tip: a nice pair of Christmas pjs for the whole family. Nothing is more fun than to cosy up in Christmas pjs and watch a Christmas movie.

The Balcony

We both love fairy lights. Yardéna has fairy lights on the rail of her balcony. We love it. Spread the Christmas light. This is nice for you as a resident but also for your neighbours. A nice Christmas ree with lights is also a great touch.

The Garden

More lights! Carmen has her Christmas tree and boxwoods lit up nicely for the holidays. Some people even choose to put down a santa or reindeer made of fairy lights. Ofcourse a fairybell tree is also a nice alternative.

Another option is to add lights along the house. The edge of your front door or rooftop. Put a pair of ice skates or a sleigh next to a bench in your front yard. What about a Christmas star? So many choices. What has your preference?

Your own touch

Decorating at home is something personal and fun. You give your own twist to your interior and your decorations. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to style, favourite items, colours etc. You see this in how people decorate. There is no right or wrong. Do your own thing and make it something festive.

Our ritual for decorating is some nice Christmas music with a cup of choco and some cookies. A classic Christmas movie also works. As long as it brings you some Christmas spirit.

What are your rituals for decorating? Which traditions do you keep? Which items are an “an absolute must”?

Let us know in the comments below.

See you soon,

The Christmas Girls

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