Pearls in the city: Candles & Cards Breda

In the heart of the historic and fibrant city of Breda we find the Houtmarkt. Here on the busiest shopping street, where the Ginnekenstaart, Houtmarkt and the Akkerstraat come together is a nice little pearl: Candles and Cards!

The beginning

Candles and Cards is run by Carola, Frank & Shirley Vermeulen. Three years ago, this lovely family opened a store solely focussed on scents. First only with scented candles from Woodwick and Yankee Candle until they expanded. By now the store sells products from various brands such as Ashleigh & Burwood, Tapperfume & wash perfume from Il Bucato Di Adele, Esteban Paris and Millefiori Milano.

The family loves scents and felt that there were very few shops who dealt in this specialty. They started thinking about what kind of possibilities there were for shops in this area and what that would look like. One thing led to another and soon Candles and Cards was born.

The Vermeulen Family

The businesslike mindset goes back a bit. Frank used to own multiple companies. Together with his wife Carola and his daughter Shirley he also ran a tabaco store. They recently closed this store to fully focuson their passion: SCENTS!


On 2 August 2018 Candles & Cards first opened its doors at the Tolbrugstraat but for the past two years resided at the Houtmarkt.

Stappen & Shoppen awards

In a short amount of time, Candles & Cards even won the Stappen & Shoppen award. This award is handed out each year to entrepeneurs in recognition of the important work they do for the region. In 2019 the family received this beautiful award after only having been open for 8 months. A true honour and recognition of the hard work they had done in such a short period of time.


The store sells a wide variaty of brands in regards to scents and accessories.

Yankee Candle

One of our favourite brands. Yankee Candle originates from America but has ruled the Dutch market for quite some time now. They’re a mnufacturer of scent candles for every season. From scent candles, candlesticks, accessories and china. At Candles & Cards you can find a wide assortment of candles accessories and difusers.

Stockphoto Yankee Candle


In 2017 Yankee Candle took over the brand of Woodwick Candles. These soy wax based candles have a wooden wick that has a lovely cackle when it is lit. They immediately give you the warm feeling of being near a fire place.

Stockphoto Woodwick

Asleigh & Burwood

In 1993 this wonderful product was first produced by father and son John and Andrew Nettleton. What started at the kitchen table has grown into a true imperium. Scent candles, oils, diffusers and anything else you can think of. Ashleigh & Burwood has everything you need to find the perfect scent for your home.

Own picture

Esteban Paris

This French brand has produced perfumes and scents for homes and baths for almost 40 years. Scent candles, perfumes, incense and much more. Esteban Paris candles are reusable, so you can use the glass case of the candle for another once it’s empty. It is definitely a brand to try out sometime.

Stockphoto Esteban Paris


This Italian brand combines original scent creations with technology and style. The lovely scent sticks are available in different variaties. Something for everyone.

Stockphoto Millefiori Milano


Tapperfume is the new bestseller of the moment. With a mission to deliver everyone’s favourite smell with an affordable price, this product doesn’t only succeed in saving you money but it is also more environmental friendly. The perfumes of Tapperfume are made of the highest quality of scent oils. The scents are partially synthethic oils, partially natural oils. They consist of 40% perfume which makes the smells durable for 6-8 hours.

My Flame

Candles & Cards has a temporary line of another favourite of ours. My Flame. We first discovered the scent candles of My Flame at a fair last summer. The concept is great. Scent candles of soy wax with a longer burning duration. Environmental friendly and also much nicer for your wallet.

Own picture

The Family’s own favourites

Should you be in the market for something new then these are some of the favourites products of the owners.

For Frank it’s the washperfume of Il BUcato Di Adele. This product is a true find. When the laundry gets done in the house the whole floor smells wonderful. The family can’t go without anymore.

For Carola it’s the Warm Wool scent candle from Woodwick. She calls it her Netflix candle. A lovely warm scent that can be used all year long.

Shirley’s favourites are the products by Iris Cachemire from Esteban Paris. These soft and feminine scents are amazing and reusable! This way you can enjoy a different scent each time while recyling the glass.

The Store

Candles & Cards has a physical store in Breda as well as a webshop. Next to that they also have a Facebook page, Instagram account and an email which allows them to be available for orders 24/7. Upon entering the store you are greeted by a friendly face and a multitude of products waiting to be tried. It definitely tickles your senses. A nice way to shop.

Own picture

Curious? Check out their website or plan a visit. For more information follow their socials.

See you soon,

The Christmas Girls

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