Cosy corners: Autumn with a touch of Christmas

Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves.

Humbert Wolfe

When the temperature begins to drop and we’re enjoying the Autumn son, you can see nature putting on it’s fall coat. Because of the Summer heat you can now see an Indian summer here in Holland too. Beautiful, all those warm colours around you. What a lovely season! It’s nice to go out and absorb the landscape around you. The perfect season for warmth, cosy corners, trying out new recipes and transforming your house into a truly autumn vibe. We’re slowly transforming our homes and have decided to go for an Autumn style with a touch of Christmas!


This Summer we dove into the book Cozy white cottage seasons by Liz Marie Galvan. We found some great tips on how to decorate your home in a more structured way. For example making lists for what you want and making an inventory of what you already have. Dividing your home into segments is another tip that really helps creating your own cosy corners step by step.

This year we’ve done our decorations in a way that already winks towards Christmas. Our list had the following items:

  • Autumn branches
  • Pumpkins
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Christmas branches
  • Holly
  • Red berries
  • tree trunks
  • Artificial Autumn flowers and branches
  • Big and smaller vases
  • Candles


First you divide your home into segments. What do you want to style first? What can wait? We chose to look at the display cabinet and the bookcase in the living room, the dining table, a dressoir and a fireplace. Next is doing an inventory of what you already have in terms of decorations. Make a list of the things you need.

Our tip: look in thriftshops and vintage/antique stores. We have found many beauties there. It’s saves money, you can give items a new life and it also something a little different than what is displayed in regular stores. Check out flee markets and outlets. Action and Big Bazar also have nice stuff you can use with your decoration. MIx & Match.


With Autumn décor you quickly think of warm, deep colours. Browns, oranges, reds and yellows. Depending on your type of interior you might want to decide on a colour palette first. Are you going for the bold colours or do you prefer a more sober and natural palette? Take this along when you’re shopping for your decorations.

Fall décor

To transform your house you need a few elements:

  • Fabrics: pillows, blankets, faux sheepskin. Perfect for chairs, couches and hockers.
  • Ceramics: Vases and bowls of glass or ceramics. It adds colour and a bit of character to your décor.
  • Flowers, plants & fruits: a piece of nature with a little warmth.
  • Candles: this already helps create cosy corners in a tremendous way. Put candles in several spots in your house and you’re already set for the colder days.

Decorating your house for the first time? Start with buying a nice carpet. It’s warm under your feet and immediately adds a cosy feeling in your house. It’s also very easy to style with the different interiors. Add a pillow with an accent colour/design and put that on a couch or chair. Very fitting for the season. It adds a nice ambience to your décor. Put some nice flowers or fruit on the table with seasonal colours and voila!  You have transformed your living room with only a small amount of things. If you store these things safely you can easily use it as a base to build on the year after. You can even use it for other seasons.

Autumn with a touch of Christmas

On the dressoir we chose for minimal Autumn décor. Some nice sunflowers in a tall, thin vase. A piece of wood and some pumpkins are already enough to give it that nice Autumn glow.

The bookcase is a combination of Autumn and a little Christmas. Pincecones, pumpkins, Autumn leaves, small vases, mushrooms, artificial candles, a small Christmas house, deers and little Christmas trees. Colourful and still a bit of both seasons.

The fireplace is always a nice place to decorate. Carmen chose for a piece of wood, some extra candle holders and a nice Woodwick candle with an Autumn scent. Adding a mug as a decoration is also an option. You can obviously go in different directions here.

Your windowsill. If you have room there some pumpkins and holly are enough to add an Autumny or Christmassy vibe. Yardéna chose for some Yankee Candles as extra décor.

The couch. The most used spot during the colder days. A nice pillow, a lovely coloured rug and a nice vase of flowers. Articifial flowers can be beautiful and last a long time. Real flowers also work but have a short lifespan.

Teddy was intrigued as well. Christmas vs. Autumn

For now we are going to enjoy this Autumn season but bits of Christmas are already slipping in. What are you planning for the upcoming months? When are you throwing in a little Christmas? We’d love to hear it so let us know by leaving a reaction on the blog or on our socials.

See you soon,

The Christmas Girls 🎄

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