Pearls in the city: Christmas show Coppelmans Oisterwijk

Last week we visited the Christmas show of garden center Coppelmans Oisterwijk. It is a small garden center but what a gem! Last year we were already very impressed with this show. This year we were surprised by all the magic the stylists created yet again. Compliments to the team! People often only think of the bigger garden centers in regards to a beautiful Christmas must. This one however definitely belongs on the list. They were our number 1 last year and will probably be so again this year. Gorgeous decors taken care of down to the last detail. So we’re taking you along for a peak in this magnificent Christmas show!

Theme rooms

Once you’re past all the fairylights the fun begins. You walk past several themed rooms. Each room has it’s own theme, decoration and its own smell! Think of the Ikea system. You walk around in awe. There is something to see in every corner. What we love about this garden center is that it’s just a tad different from others.

Forest Picnic

The first room is a beautifully decorated picnic table somewhere in a fairytale forest. The stylists have outdone themselves and used background images to give these rooms some debt. Add some wood, dark blue and misty blue Christmas baubles, some fur, a few animal pillows and your picnic table looks fantastic. What a sight! Who doesn’t want to enjoy this? Love it!

Nordic Kitchen

Once you’re past the picnic table you suddenly find yourself in a Scandinavian kitchen. You get spontaneous ideas for your own kitchen. Minty green wall, grey and coppergold Christmas baubles, some wood and a little Retro flair. It got us excited. How about a nice breakfast full Winterglory?

Santa’s Candy store

Northpole’s candy store. Candy Canes, dishes, teddybears and nutcrackers. A beautiful use of the classic red-white theme with a Scandinavian twist. You feel like a child walking into Mrs. Claus’ candy shop with all your savings to buy some candy. Nicely done!

Cocktails & Tonic Lounge Bar

This room is mostly fun for adults. A tropical loungebar with black and yellow gold ornaments combined with currant red. Something different yet Christmassy.

At home with the Claus family

AS if you’re walking into the living room of the Claus family. A nice display of the traditional theme with the warm hearth, a staircase full of nutcrackers and a table filled with decorations. It feels like Mrs. Claus can walk in any minute to scold Santa about cleaning the table before dinner. Very tasteful and warm.

Lover’s Corner

Around the corner of this scene you find a lover’s corner. Arbors with benches, surrounded by air balloons and fairylights. A perfect moment to capture. Here too you find the traditional colours of red, green and gold.

French Estate Winter

One of the most beautiful surprises. You get the feeling of being at a French estate. White, cream, champagne gold, soft pink with a touch of ox-red Not our taste yet this made us want to try some of these decorations at home.

Cosy Lodge

When you think of a chalet on the Veluwe, this would be that picture. Warm, cosy and a sense of vacation. A different Christmas but definitely Christmas. Blankets, pillows, bells. Very stylish.

Retro chic Christmas

Birds, Eucalyptus, terra red and brown ornaments with a touch of gold. A few trendy chairs and a modern fireplace. A whole different theme compared to the others. Beautifully suited for more modern interiors.

Are you planning a visit? We are definitely coming back. Gorgeous! We really want to pay our compliments to this team and their Christmas show. We have seen a lot but the eye for detail in this one. Amazing! Definitely worth the trip. The staff is super friendly and the general mood feels warm and inviting. Which theme did you like the best? Let us know!

See you soon!

The Christmas Girls 🎄

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