Yardéna’s Christmas moodboard: Nostalgic Christmas

Every year it’s the same question. What are you doing for your holiday decorations? Are you going the same way as last year? Do you want to try a different theme? What is your budget and how much time do you have for decorating? Do you want to go big or keep it simple? Enough questions and ideas.

We had some trouble answering that for ourselves aswell. We both wanted something different without spending too much money. You make a plan, see what you have and what you need. You browse online and in stores and look for ideas and inspiration. For Yardéna at least it worked!

Nostalgic Christmas

This year I’m going with the theme Nostalgic Christmas. Christmas isn’t just about the decorations or the entourage. It’s also about the memories of your childhood and your associations.

What reminds you of your childhood? Watching Christmas movies in your pjs, playing boardgames with the family, cooking or baking together. Beautiful Christmas memories!

One of the most fun memories of when I was young was when it snowed. Then my brother and I would be pulled from bed in the middle of the night and we’d spend half the night having fun in the snow with the family. Making a snowman or a snow angel. Sledding with the dog. A snowball fight with the neighbourhood. Then go home and enjoy a nice cup of hot choco.

Colours and materials

Nostalgic Christmas for me is a combination of the classic reds, golds and greens with homemade ornaments and classic/vintage baubles. Green or snowy trees, fairy lights in the shape of candles and lots of natural products. Glass, paper and home made stuff. A bit the Christmas of the past.

Christmas Memories

The energy prices are going up, groceries are more expensive, gasoline is more expensive. We hear it all around us constantly. That’s why I will be reusing some old Christmas decorations and add a small edition to what I already own. Maybe I’ll even try a few small DIY’s and more LED lights. But more on that later. You’re also investing in warmer clothes. Thicker socks, pjs, bathrobes but also warmer wintercoats, scarfs, hats etc. In The Netherlands we are no longer used to harsh winters but when we were young we didn’t know any better. Christmas wasn’t about bigger or grander. It was about being together with family or friends. For us as a family it was the standard to spend Christmas Eve in church for the service. Dad and I would sing in the choir or solo from time to time. Then after we’d go home and curl up on the couch with a Christmas movie and a hot cup of choco with whipped cream. Sometimes we’d even bring all the matrasses down and spend the night having our own pj party in the living room.

When my brother and I had winter break, we could make a list of activities that we wanted to do during those days. After which of few of them were picked for the break. We went ice skating frequently on natural ice or later on at the skating rink. We even took our dog out on a frozen lake once😅🙈. Then we’d go back home and enjoy a warm bowl of Dutch pee soup or even some of our neighbour’s Dutch stewed pears!

Sometimes we’d rent a house for Christmas at a Landal Greenparks resort for example. Happily galavanting in the woods with your snowboots or read a book near a fireplace. In the evening enjoy some boardgames and laughter.

Making memories

When I look at what is coming to the stores this fall I see a few of these elements return. More and more boardgames and big family puzzles are lined up in the aisles.

Christmas movies are making a bit of a comeback. Christmas mugs in all shapes and sizes for hot choco with marshmallows. Glüwein. Vintage ornaments, angels, authentic candleholders. Trully fun to see!

Enough fun stuff. But don’t just leave it at the ornaments but make new memories. You can often hear us use the phrase: Christmas isn’t something you do alone but together. Celebrate Christmas your way and have fun. Laugh, enjoy and do it together with your tribe, whomever they are.

Send a postcard, invite people over, cook something delicious. These are the beautiful moments and we could all use more of those.

I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you guys do to! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

See you soon!

The Christmas Girls 🎄

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