Christmas on a budget: Christmas presents

Christmas is coming. Most people in Holland are cautious. Now that everything is getting more and more expensive people need to watch their budgets. That’s why it is a good idea to already plan ahead for the holidays.


Everything depends on planning:               

  • Wat are we doing for Christmas this year?
  • Where are we going to celebrate it and with whom?
  • Are we cooking ourselves or going out for dinner?
  • Are we doing presents or not?

The answers to these questions are important to have if you want to make a good planning. In this blog we will specifically dive into Tips & Tricks for Christmas presents.

Chrismtas is the holiday of light but also of unity, fellowship with family and/or with friends, fun and nice food etc. For some people it is already a gift to be invited somewhere for the holidays. Take this into consideration with your planning.

Once you know with how many you will celebrate Christmas, it is time for lists. Our Tip: Make use of for example. It’s a nice tool to make sure everyone can put down their wishlist. It also presents you from buying the same gift.


Agree on a budget beforehand and how many gifts a person. Then everyone knows what is expected. You can also choose to draw names. That way you don’t have to buy gifts for everyone. Ask people in advance to finish their wishlist before a certain time that also fit within the agreed upon budget.


Now comes the search. Check flyers & bargains online or in stores. September and October always have tons of bargains coming your way. Afterwards you’ll work towards the holidays and you’ll come across some more goodies every now and then. It really pays off to work this way. Stores tend to have sale corners too. It’s always nice to pay thema visit. Also check local companies for their dale items. You can trully save some money on this. Not just gift wise but also in terms of wrappings.

Start on time!

Start on time with shopping! You are certain to get the gift you want and you can spread the costs over several months. It also means you can browse for bargains and check when certain items will be on sale.

An experience/ memory

Gift an experience. Think of a Gift Voucher for a themepark, the movies or a hotel. But also a Gift Voucher for dinner or lunch. Personally we also like a fun night out with a special homemade dinner. It is an amazing thing when someone cooks something for you out of love. And you have a joyous evening while you’re at it.

Christmas is the best season when it’s shared with others.

Other ideas are:

  • A day outing
  • Homemade pie or cookies. Something you do together.
  • A workshop to enjoy together.

You can go to any direction with this. There are so many fun thinks. Just think of the recipient and what they love.

Be creative!

Be creative. Make something yourself like presents, Christmas cards, Christmas cookies, a Christmas wreath or a lantern and its decorations. Paint glasses or plates. DIY to your hearts content. Do this together with your kids or your partner. It’s a really nice activity and it saves money.

Making memories is the greatest gift you can get.


Compare prices. Take the time to compare prices online. Do the same with flyers and other products you’ve come across in stores. It’s never wrong to do your research well.

Useful presents

Buy useful gift. Think of nice PJs, sweaters, scarfs or books that your child/partner/family member/ friend needs. This way you kill two birds with one stone and you are assured it will be a success.

Our Tip: Check Vinted and Marktplaats, they have cool stuff sometimes. A C&A, Sostrene grene, Primark of TK Mexx are also good options if you are less of an online browser.

Split up gifts

Split your gift up into multiple gifts. Especillay kids will enjoy getting multiple presents. Take this into account when buying a gift or split up the gift you already have.


Sometimes we have gifts wrapped up somewhere in the house still. It was something you already had or not quite your taste. Save it and you’ll have a new gift without the cost.

Our Tip: Throughout the year, when you receive presents you already own or it isn’t to your liking, put it aside somewhere. You might be able to use it later on.

It’s the thought that counts

Christmas is about the experience and the fellowship together. Not about expensive (or a multitude of) presents. Teach your kids this concept from the get go. You’ll build on tradition and make memories together. I (Carmen) know this from personal experience. When the kids were little we bought them some expensive gift. Long story short, they were happy with it but… they played the longest time with the wrapping paper and the small gifts.

So what are your plans for the holidays? Are these Tips & Tricks useful for you? We want to know so leave a comment below or on our socials!

See you soon

The Christmas Girls 🎄

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