The Christmas Hamper

The time for Christmas Hampers has arrived. What are you getting from your employer this year? Is it a nice hamper filled with tasty stuff or is it a nice voucher with which you can choose something yourself? Every year it’s a surprise. It is nice to receive them as well as it is to give them. For us personally, Christmas hampers are always a happening. We unbox them together and enjoy this token of appreciation. For that is the whole thought behind a Christmas hamper.

The Origins

The Christmas packet finds its origins in the 19th century. Preserving food was a bit of a different process then and much more limited. It all began with farmers. In certain areas it was tradition to wish the farmer and his family a Merry Christmas. The farmer would show his gratitude by gifting food. In turn, farmers also gave food to their farmhands and maids to bring home to their families for Christmas. The contents of these packets mainly consisted of food. This made the festivities extra festive. This tradition eventuelly grew and was adopted by more people who wanted to do something extra for their employees.

If you go even further back in time you can also find the origin of the Christmas Hamper. This wicker basket filled with delicious treats dates backt to 1066 when William the Conqueror ruled Britain. The baskets were filled with food and clothing. Then it was handed out to the poor as a charitable offering.

The Thought                                       

The most common reason for gifting a Christmas hamper is as a token of appreciation. What started with the farmerd has grown to be a normal tradition here in The Netherlands. It is a compiled gift with the intention to do something extra for the holidays.

The Composition

Originally the Christmas hamper mainly consisted of food. Nowadays the choice-your-own concept is very popular. Instead of the traditional hamper you are now able to choice something of your own design or donate to a good charity.


Through the years more trends have emerged in Christmas hampers. This year we can see the following:

  • Food from different countries: Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Asian are a few favourites. A new theme this year is the influence of the Middle-East. Mezzes, olives, herbs and spices.

  • Much detail and kleur, mainly in packaging. This is also visible in non-food products.
  • Game element: very popular this year. How fun is it to get a game in your Christmas hamper? Another theme is the Christmas packet that is wrapped in a game box or treasure chest. You can also find packets that consist of puzzle elements. The whole idea behind this trends is “to spend time together”.
  • Durable and organic. Themes you can no longer go without even with Christmas hampers. The hampers contain animal friendly and environmentally friendly products.

  • Adventure: we all enjoy going on a holiday or some days off. A nice outing outside to a themepark, hikes in the woods or on the beach, a picknick. For this theme you find a lot of to-go products. A firebasket, napsack, bag or dopper are just a few of the options available.

  • Fashion and Food: nowadays it doesn’t just need to taste good but also look good. From a cookbook to a panset, you see plenty in this theme.
  • Christmas with family and friends. Having fun together has become more important, especially after covid. So you have packets with a delicious bottle of wine and beautiful wine glasses, pans or dishes, recipes with dishes for sharing.
  • This year, food-filled packets are booming again due to the economical crisis. More and more packets include products that you need.


The thought behind the hamper is a bit of appreciation from employer to employee. It is most fun when it fits the time and gives leaves you with a warm feeling. A nice card from the employer with a message gives a packet a more personal touch.


A Christmas hamper is fun to receive but also fun to give. We believe not only in inspiring each other but also looking after one another. That’s why it gives tremendous joy to share your packet with someone. If you are in a family that receives multiple Christmas packets, consider gifting one to someone who has less. In the Spirit of Christmas. If you receive products you don’t want or need, pass it on. Let the blessing and appreciation you received also mean something for another.

What are you hoping to see in your Christmas hamper? Leave a reaction below the blog or on our socials.

Stay tuned!

The Christmas Girls 🎄

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