Cosy Corners: Wintry scenes and Christmas corners

Winter is the ultimate season for cosy things. With November well on its way it’s time to change your decorations. The Autumn decor goes away and wintry stuff come out. Are you starting with some cosy wintry elements or are you already heading into Christmas decor? For everyone that is different.

For us it can’t start early enough. Yardéna exchanged her Autumn decor three weeks for some subtle wintry elements and will slowly add Christmas decor. Carmen waited a while and changed from Autumn to Christmas. In this blog we will give you some nice tips again on how to make your home cosy with other elements.

Winter green

The more Winter green the better. Preferably use fresh greens but faux greenery works just as well. Consider pine green, eucalyptus of red berry branches. Add a bit of holly and you already have a nice scenery. Are you still a bit in Autumny vibes and want a more natural transition? Combine the branches with pine cones, chestnuts and some acorns. Then you’ll have a nice combination of both.

You can put your greenery in a nice vase but sometimes it can add a nice touch by using a tin or a bucket. A waterpitcher or even an old whiskey bottle can do the trick. Play around with it and adapt it to your own tastes.


Make several nice corners. The windowsill, the mantle or fireplace, the bannister, on top of cabinet or table. Don’t make it to difficult on yourself and look mostly for the eyecatchers in your home. Regardless of the size of your house, you can always create nice nooks. Buy a nice soap dispenser for your kitchen or bathroom. Exchange some kitchen utensils for Christmas themes utensils. Small, subtle changed that already bring the necessary vibes into your home.


A nice little moodmaker and a rather simple one is textile. This is a categorie where you can do a great deal.

  • Towels & dishrags: choose the colour and the prints. Christmas or simply Wintry. Exchange the towels in your kitchen, toilet, bathroom. A nice colour or print is enough.
  • Oven supplies: oven mittens or a cooking apron.
  • Bathtowels & mats: replace your bathroom textiles for something Christmassy.
  • Blankets: put a Christmassy blanket on your couch or chair. Nice and warm in times like these and immediately super cosy!
  • Bedlinnens: replace your bedding with Christmasbedding, a nice comforter or Christmas themed quilt.


Scent is one of the senses which instantly brings you into a Christmas mood. The delicious scents of pine trees, eucalyptus, cinnamon or mint. It adds certain associations with it and it’s instant Christmas feels.

  • Scent candles: add a few scent candles to your collection. Find the fris scent of firs of maybe you prefer the spicy scent of cinnamon and orange. Choose a scent that suits you.
  • Fragrance bags: Preferably no candles then choose Bridgewater fragrance bags for example. These aren’t only useful in a room but also in between linnens or in a purse.
  • Scent sticks: Scent sticks make for a nice scent but also a nice piece of decoration. Nowadays you can find trendy-looking bottles and you can find them in any style that matches your interior.
  • Fragrance lamp: A fragrance lamp not only gives a nice fragrance but also purifies the air. Two birds with one stone.
  • You can also choose to create your own Christmas scent. Add 3-5 cinnamon sticks, 1 orange, two rosemary twigs, 1 teaspoon of cloves, 1 cup of fresh cranberries and a bit of nutmeg in a pot of water. Leave it to boil! Christmas scents au natural!

Are you already putting up your Christmas decorations or are you first transitioning to some Wintry scenes? Let us know!

Until next time,

The Christmas Girls

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