Christmas Fingerfood & Snacks

When we think about the holidays it is always accompanied by delicious food, fingerfood & bites. A variety of deliciousness and beautifully presented. It is a feast even to look at. Ofcourse you can also order bites or buy ready made things but it is more fun to make bites & snacks yourself. We already enjoy doing to groceries and the cooking.


A selection of small bites and fingerfood can be really fun to present. It does, however, demand some preparation in advance. The first thing to do it to orient yourself on what you would like to make and for how many. This is important to know. Second, you decide the budget and the amount of time you want to spend on making everything. It will help with your timemanagement.

Necessities & groceries

We like to browse the web and dive into books and magazines to get an idea of what we want to do. Delicious magazine, foodies, Goodfoods etc. Pinterest is als a good place to get ideas from.

Then we go on the hunt for ingredients and the supplies we need. Followed by a shopping trip to the supermarket, Sligro, Makro, the market etc. To give you some ideas we’ve listed some possibilities below.


Food that you can eat without cutlery. Small bites that you can grab with two fingers and that are easy to make. You only have to steam, bake, fry or defrost it.


Small dishes/bites to get your taste buds working. A tasteful, colourful bite that is usually served as an appetizer on a spoon or saucer in a restaurant.


A small skewer with a taste explosion of different things. An ideal snack. Easy and a sight to behold.

Snack board/ Charcuterie board

A beautiful board with a variaty of different kinds of cheese, cold cuts, bread, spreads, nuts, olives & fruits. It is important to create a nice balance of flavours.

Bites & Dips

Small bites/ snacks with a nice dip. It can be meat, fish or vegetarian, sweet & sour or spicy. Delicious and simple with crackers or French bread and a nice spiced olive oil. Too many ideas to list.

Table snacks

Individual elements. Cheese sticks, mini pretzels, pinchos, sorted nuts, steamed rice crackers, saltines. It is sold in many place and a a nice snack for on the table.

In our experience, making snacks and bites is a nice activity but a labour-intensive one if you don’t plan your time well enough. The happy faces of your guests make it all worth it.

Ofcourse we would like to know what you are going to try this year. Let us know in the comments below or through our socials.

Stay tuned!

The Christmas Girls

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