Christmas Market, Magical Maastricht & André Rieu

The Christmas season is one of the most beautiful seasons for us. Christmas trees all lit up, lights everywhere, beautifully decorated houses and shops. Delicious food with family and friends. Fun games, watching nice Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. Walking outside and having a nice cup of hot coco when you come back.

André Rieu – Vrijthof

Last Summer, Carmen and her husband went to André Rieu at the Vrijthof in Maastricht. What a wonderful experience that was! At this concert it was announced that a series of Christmas concerts would follow in December. An idea occured on the spot; to gift it as a present for Yardéna’s birthday along with a weekend in Maastricht. Plans were put into motion and the weekend Maastrich was booked.

Christmas Market

Last weekend it was finally here. We drive from North-Brabant to Maastricht Center. Upon arrival we walked through the beautiful historic shoppingstreets towards the Vrijthof and the Christmas Market. The entrance was decorated like a goreous lit up Christmas present. All around you were booths with tons of delicious foods. Mushrooms, Reibekuchen and fries, hot dogs, smoked salmon, Churros, wafels, ice cream and much more. You could also get delicious Glüwhein and hot Chocolate with whipped cream. There was even some actual snow, which we couldn’t resist. You could find food both inside and outside. The edge of the Vrijthof also had a variaty of restaurants all dressed up in Christmas decor. Enough choice, plenty or merriment.


A nice recommendation is the big Ferris Wheel. Take a moment to enjoy all Maastricht has to offer. In the center of the Christmas market you could also find a large covered ice skating rink then really added some nostalgia to the vibe.

For the shopaholics among us there was also plenty to see. Booths selling Christmas decorations, scarves, hats and winter clothing. There were jewellery and gifst shops with nice Christmas presents and also booths filled with local products. Another recommandation is the beautiful St Jan’s Church at the edge of the Vrijthof.

After an afternoon of strolling twilight sets in. Then you really see the amount of lights everywhere and it truly is Magical Maastricht!

André Rieu – Mecc Christmas Concert

André Rieu is a Dutch violinist and conductor who plays popular classical works for big audiences around the world with his Johann Strauß orchestra. He tours country to country with his orchestra and vocalists and is loved by young and old.

Which is noticeable when you arrive. To even get to the Mecc is Maastricht proves to be an adventure on its own. Several traffic jams near the building and you see traffic controllers every where to show you the way. When you reach the entrance you go into a mass of people to get your ticket checked and buy coins for the refreshments inside.

Upon arrival at the great hall you find beautifully decorated Christmas trees with lights and a Santa with a sleigh & reindeers. You are transported to a Dickens version of the Vrijthof with booth, refreshments and an ice skating rink.

Anton Pieck

An orchestra with singers dressed in Anton Pieck style add the neccesary Christmas vibes. You even find different couples all dressed in 19th-century clothing waiting for people to takke a picture with them.

At the edge of the hall is a line of snowy Christmas trees that makes it feel like you transported back in time. A nice mood to get you all festive before the concert begins.

The concert hall opens and you are emerged in a beautiful display of colour, visuals and music. A true Christmas explosion. Love it! Bellboys are ready to jump in and assist you or show you to your seat. You have a bit of time to take everything in while people slowly pouring in. So much to see, you know where to look. Here, a brass ochestra dressed in Anton Pieck plays joyful Christmas tunes.

On both sides of the stage there is an ice skating rink with big screens behind it which shows wintry scenes. This changes everytime and allows you to follow everything regardless of your seating.

The Concert

\the show starts. The orchestra members and vocalists arrive with André Rieu at the head of the line. The party begins and from beginning to end it is a true happening. Christmas is a real highlight for André Rieu fans. It’s a real enjoyment with with orchestra, fabulous vocalists, dancers, skaters, the Golden Voices of Gospel. With famous classics such as the Blue Danube waltz & The Holy City but also Little Drummer Boy, pplayed by three generations. Amazing!

We sang along and danced. We were also surprised when a container of snow fell down the rows during one of the songs, our row included. The whole row and three rows ahead and next to us were covered. Fun to see. People laughed and started throwing snow to people next to them. It added to the merriment and fun. It was nice to enjoy all the festivities together. Classical music, a black gospel choir, waltzing couples , skaters. Enough to see and enjoy. What a joy this was! For us this was a bucketlist item. If you are dying to experience it yourself, check available concerts and tickets here.

Hotel-Restaurant In Den Hoof

We booked a nice at the edge of Maastricht for this weekend. Hotel-Restaurant In Den Hoof. A nice recommendation! It’s close the the Mecc and the Vrijthof. Lovely rooms with good facilities, warm and cosy. You really feel welcome here. It was nicely decorated and gives you a bit of a German Inn vibe. The people are super friendly and hospitable. The breakfast buffet was delicious and the whole stay made it the cherry on top of the cake. Definitely think about this one when considering a night in Maastricht!

Designer Outlet Roermond

To close of the weekend we stopped at Designer Outlet Roermond on our way home. The outlet was completely decorated for Christmas and gave of an American feel. Some nice shopping and a moment to enjoy some more Christmas stuff. Then it was homebound. The end of an awesome weekend.

Have you done of planned a Christmas outing yet? Let us know!

Until next time….

The Christmas Girls 🌲

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