Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

The season is done. We have arrived at the last blog of 2022 and man, what beautiful things we’ve seen! We look back at an awesome season filled with surprises and great items but also leave with enough ideas for next year.

Shine Your Light Actie

Our Christmas fundraiser was a big hit! We gathered 930 euro! It is awesome to see how people stepped up to the bar. We were able to order the Christmas packets at a discount so we were able to also donate a portion to the food bank! How great is that? A big shout out and thank you to all of you who gave a donation. It is our honour to have you all be involved in the process with us. Talk about the Christmas Spirit!

Tips for New Year’s Eve

If you are still looking for some ideas for food or games for New Year’s Eve check these blogs.

Tuna salad

Try our tuna salad on french bread or toast. Delicious with a wine or Prosecco. Read it here. For other tips, check the website.

Frozen berry Sparkler

A small recipe for a festive drink. What do you need?

  • Frozen berries: black berries or red berries
  • Syrup of monin cocktail syrups
  • Champagne or prosecco


Grap a Champagne flute. Fill the bottom with a dash of syrup. Pour your bubbles of choice in next and fill the glass. Add a few berries and a twig of rosemary and you’re done! If you truly want to finish it, then make sure you start with a ring of sugar at the rim of your glass before starting pouring the beverage.

Easypeasy! It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Home Tour

This year it was very busy for both of us. Yardéna’s move and new job. Carmen’s new (Christmas) job. Next to that was blogging, making pictures, editing, meeting people and so much more. It was a whole happing. We have travelled far and made some miles. We met special people, discovered new spots and have done a plenty. Because of that we were a bit late in setting up our own decorations. But we made it!

We both chose to get a real Christmas tree this year, with a classic theme with a twist. Lovely decorations to enjoy.

Although we didnt do everything we wanted decoration wise, it still turned out beautiful. Don’t you agree? We love it and love to share it.

Our Christmas wish for you

Looking back on this season we are grateful for the joy The Christmas Girls brought both of us. We grew in our own department. We did most of the things we set out to do plus created all the content, clips, photos, translations to all our other activities.

We started The Christmas Girls in a very tough period in our lived with the idea to share all the Christmas joy with you. For us it was something to hold on to and a source of joy & inspiration. We hope it was for you as well.

Behind the scenes we’ve laughed and enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes we also had to scratch ourselves behind the ears for the crazy ideas we had or how we were going to pull everything off. Yet it turned out to be a fantastic season with lots of fun stuff.

Enjoy each other and these days. At the end of August the first blog will be ready again. On social media you can follow our last days and starting January it will be quiet again. Then it’s feet up and time to relax.

We wish you a Merry Christmas! We pray for joy, blessing, health & fun for the holidays and for the upcoming year. May you enjoy the Christmas season as much as we do🎄❤️.

If you have any tips or ideas for next year let us know!

Au revoir and see you soon!


The Christmas Girls🎄

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