Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

The season is done. We have arrived at the last blog of 2022 and man, what beautiful things we've seen! We look back at an awesome season filled with surprises and great items but also leave with enough ideas for next year. Shine Your Light Actie Our Christmas fundraiser was a big hit! We gathered... Lees verder →

Christmas Market, Magical Maastricht & André Rieu

The Christmas season is one of the most beautiful seasons for us. Christmas trees all lit up, lights everywhere, beautifully decorated houses and shops. Delicious food with family and friends. Fun games, watching nice Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. Walking outside and having a nice cup of hot coco when you come back.... Lees verder →

Christmas Fingerfood & Snacks

When we think about the holidays it is always accompanied by delicious food, fingerfood & bites. A variety of deliciousness and beautifully presented. It is a feast even to look at. Ofcourse you can also order bites or buy ready made things but it is more fun to make bites & snacks yourself. We already... Lees verder →

Christmas Fundraiser: Shine Your Light

For many people Christmas is approaching. The days are becoming colder and darker. Time for fun. Nice evenings with friends or family. Turning up the heater, put up the Christmas tree, collect your presents. Delicious food, candles and playing games with everyone. Who isn't in the mood for that? Reality The reality is however that... Lees verder →

The Christmas Hamper

The time for Christmas Hampers has arrived. What are you getting from your employer this year? Is it a nice hamper filled with tasty stuff or is it a nice voucher with which you can choose something yourself? Every year it's a surprise. It is nice to receive them as well as it is to... Lees verder →

Christmas on a budget: Christmas presents

Christmas is coming. Most people in Holland are cautious. Now that everything is getting more and more expensive people need to watch their budgets. That's why it is a good idea to already plan ahead for the holidays. Planning Everything depends on planning:                Wat are we doing for Christmas this year? Where are we going... Lees verder →

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