Pearls in the city: The Christmas Shop Delft

Delft. The city of beautiful canals, townhouses, Delfts blue and painter Johannes Vermeer. Hometown to both Christmas Girls. In the heart of this dazzling city you’ll find a beautiful pearl. Welcome to The Christmas Shop!

A nice, cozy store at the Vrouwjuttenland filled with gorgeous European Christmas decorations that physically opened its door on the 16th of October. We were curious and decided to quickly pay a visit.

The shop

At first, you are pulled in by the stunning Candy Cane themed wreath in the window display. The red, white ornaments immediately stand out and make you wonder about the rest of the shop.

Walls painted in cobalt blue and brown baroque styled furniture give the shop a cozy feel. Christmas trees in various themes and colours are spread out through the space, surrounded by all kinds of decorations.

Five main themes stand out. Upon entering the shop the first theme catches your eye. Delfts blue ornaments and nutcrackers in cobalt blue. This theme is displayed beautifully and pays homage to this historic town.

The second theme is ofcourse Candy Cane. The window display already gave a sneak peek but there is much more to see. Beautiful ornaments in white and red, Christmas balls and branches. A nice setup to browse through. However, don’t forget to look up. Above the table is a charming wreath with several handmade ornaments.

In the corner, next to the window display, you’ll find everything in the theme of nature and forest friends. Amber coloured ornaments combined with sage green, champagne gold and various browns and greens. Acorns, pinecones, owls and foxes. This theme fits exceptionally well with the drowsy weather. You’ll start longing for a cup of tea and a piece of apple pie.

In the back of the shop you’ll find the theme Nordic Frosty. White, pearl and gold colours. A marvelous combination that reminds you of the North Pole. The cobalt blue wall makes this theme stand out even more.

The last theme of the shop is the classicical theme with traditional reds, greens and golds. The beautiful thing about this shop is that this classical theme is more German than American or British. The ornaments are more subtle and mostly made by hand.

The beginning

The idea for the Christmas Shop originated from a love for Christmas and a private collection of German Christmas ornaments that kept expanding. This was followed by the question “can we find this in the Netherlands too?” A visit to a wholesale followed and something new was born. The concept transformed into The Christmas Shop early 2021. Approximately six months later the result is a physical shop in picturesque Delft as well as an online shop.

The environment

One of the things that stands out is that this pearl is all about durability. The assortment consists of pure materials such as paper, glass, wood, porcelain & dolomite instead of synthetics. Christmas balls are hand blown and hand painted. The bird ornaments have traditionally spun glass hairs instead of animal feathers while the nutcrackers are made from linden, birch or beech wood. The candles are made of canola wax and most of the wrappings are reuseable. In short, everything is very eco-friendly with one message: “Take care of your planet”.

The Bergwald Projekt

The Christmas Shop is more than just a store. It’s a place that commits itself to charity. Besides the fact that all ornaments are sustainable and eco-friendly, a part of the profit goes to the Bergwald Projekt. The Bergwald Projekt is an international conservation organization that has been committed to the protection, preservation, care and maintenance of the forests in Germany. The Christmas Shop contributes to this foundation by selling the World Christmas ball (wereldkerstbal). With each sold ball, more money is given to the charity. Amazing!


Just like other shops, the Christmas Shop is affected by the delays of suppliers. Not everything is in yet, however there is plenty to see or buy.

We were very impressed by this pearl and encourage you to plan a visit. Make it a daytrip to Delft and enjoy all the history it has to offer. If you are looking for some tips on the city, let us know.

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Until next time,

The Christmas Girls

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