The Christmas Table – English Version

It is almost Christmas Eve. Family or friends are coming for dinner. Some thought has been given to the menu. Now comes the decor. How is your Christmas table going to look? We gathered a few tips and tricks for you and put them together.

The Theme

The first thing you have to do is decide which theme you’ll use. Obviously, this also depends on the theme of the rest of the decorations in your house. Tip: find some Christmas themes you like online, in magazines or on Pinterest. You can even make a moodboard with Canva for example.

The trends for table decorations this year are:


White with gold and silver. Candles and tealights, owls and reindeers. Fold your napkins like a fan and throw some sparkles on the table. Add a few glasses with bling, some gold cutlery and the look is complete.


Choose the traditional colours of red & gold. Add a forest green table runner with checkered napkins. Throw in some Christmas branches with ornaments and golden candlesticks. This adds a warm vibe to the decor.

Pink Glam

You’re choosing the theme of powder pink winter beauty. This style is beautifully accented by golden details. Snowmen, owls, roses in whites, pinks or pastels give this theme a winter wonderland feel. Place the finishing touches by adding some feathers or Eiffel Towers.


This natural style of green and wood tones combined with warm orange hues remind you of Indian Summer. Use natural materials and combine ornaments of the same theme. A warm Autumn palet.


The next step is to decide which colours you’ll be using. This goes hand in hand with your chosen theme. Choose colours that compliment each other and make a beautiful edition to the rest of your decor.


Before you venture on a shopping spree, first make an inventory of what you already have at home. It’s an art to style your house with what you already have. Pull everything out and make a list of what is there. Use that to decide on what you need to buy still. This will help you to go on an organised shopping trip and find the right accessories to give your table that Christmas makeover.

Think about using a tablecloth/ table runner, napkins + napkin rings, glasses and table decorations. This can be anything. Use candlesticks with candles, Christmas figurines, table pieces or Christmas branches.

To finish styling your table you can decide if you want to add a bow, sash or chair cover to your table chairs. Nothing is to crazy, you can style everything to your own liking.

Make sure you hunt for your decorations on time. Look in different stores and browse online.

The Basics

You set your table by starting inward and working your way out. First place your knife and fork for the main dish. Then add each piece of cutlery next to each other. The outer pieces of cutlery are used first. So place the rest accordingly.

You place the cutlery on the edge of the place setting, 1cm apart. The fork should be on the left. The knife and spoon on the right. The wine glasses are to be placed in a diagonal line, meaning the first glass is placed above the most outer knife. Then work your way up diagonally with multiple glasses if needed.

Our tip: Should you have different types of plates, buy a coloured underplate and combine it with a dinner plate and a salad plate. If you don’t have plates in different sizes, then look for some fun plates with a nice colour or design. This way you add a unique look to your Christmas table.

Menu cards

Another idea is to use menu cards for your table. You can make these yourself. Add a personal Christmas wish on the back for your guests. If you are using this idea then why not add name cards aswell? Gives the whole setting a personal touch.

The Table

Setting the table is just as important as the food you share. It makes the day extra festive.

Personally we believe that every table needs a centerpiece. Are you using a bell jar for your table or a table runner? Fairylights or green branches/bows. Also consider using different hights in your decorations. When you use hights it leaves more room on the table, like with candlesticks. Consider using a table clamp for example and decorate it. Nowadays you can find them in plenty of shops.

Our tip: use wine glasses face down, put in some Christmas decorations and throw some snow or sparkles around it. Place a mini Christmas tree inside or some ornaments and Voila! It looks amazing.

Need some inspirations? Check out Pinterest or browse through magazines.

Are you thinking about your table setting yet? Do you have any fun ideas? Or are you looking for tips on where to buy some goodies? Let us know in the comments or on our socials.

See you soon,

The Christmas Girls

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