Carmen’s Christmas Tree – English version

Who doesn’t love them? Christmas trees! A Blue Spruce, Noble fir, Douglas fir, Leyland Cypress. They are too beautiful. Thats why it was only a matter of time before one would find a residence in our own Christmas girl’s garden, Carmen.


Over twenty years ago, our leading lady moved a bit towards the countryside with her family. A beautiful home with one tiny downside: the garden was a wild mayhem of trees and needed the necessary maintenance. Cue the chain saw and some passionate gardening skills (the chain saw’s cord barely escaped).

After some thorough maintenance some plants remained but the garden was looking rather gloomy. Next up, a trip to a tree market and the garden center for a few new additons. At the top of the list: a Christmas tree!

You guys know how it is, you leave with a list of items but return with a whole lot more than you bargained for! The stuffed car looked more like a garden center vehicle. But mission complete! A small Christmas tree of approximately 1.5-2m found its way home and received a beautiful spot in the front garden. This way, the whole neighbourhood could see it.

Carmen’s Tree


That first year we could only make due with one string of lights in the Christmas tree. But it lit up like a beauty. We were the only ones in the neighbourhood at the time with a decorated Christmas tree outside. The neighbours and their kids loved the view of the tree and realised that our family really was into Christmas. Everyone could enjoy the view and as the years passed, not only the tree was lit up but the broom and boxwood bulbs followed as well. The garden became a mini beacon of lights for the neighbourhood and inspired others to join in in the years after.


Every year we did our best to decorate both the inside and outside for Christmas. The children grew up and the tree had some grow spurts as well. 30m of fairylights were needed to fill up the Christmas tree. But what a sight it was to behold from afar. It became a statement in the neighbourhood and every autumn we were asked when the lights would go up. What a wonderous thing, how something like a Christmas tree can connect the neighbourhood.

“Spreading the Christmas Light” became a motto quite literally.


Despite many trimmings, the tree grew like no tomorrow in both length and width. It started to take up too much room in the garden. It wasn’t able to absorb enough and the tree started to collect bald spots. Even several garden tiles grew upward. In order words, it was time to say goodbye.

It’s interesting to see how something like a tree can be filled with memories. Even the neighbours were a little shocked and disappointed that the tree had to go. Usually followed by the question: “What now?”.


Obviously, we’re telling you this tale for a reason. Our Christmas tree was the highlight of our street for a long time. That’s why this year it is time for a new one. Carmen’s lovely husband cut down the tree with the help of a neighbour. It was necessary but the garden now has an empty lot. So we are looking for a new tree. We can’t let a Christmas go by without it!

Will is be a thick Spruce or a thin Cupressus Sempervirens? Will it be a small tree that can continue growing for years to come or with it a one of a slightly bigger size? So many questions and points for discussion but all very fun to look into. The other day we even found plenty examples in one of Holland’s theme parks, The Efteling.

Are you guys curious to see what kind of tree it will be? Do you have any tips? Do you have memories like these yourself?

Let us know your answers through the comments on the blog or on our social media. Follow us to see what the end result will be.

We’ll keep you posted!

The Christmas girls

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