Tuinkamer Yvonne – English version

Last summer we discovered a terrific place in Casteren, Noord-Brabant. Tuinkamer Yvonne (Gardenroom Yvonne), an idyllic spot for creative workshops while enjoying some delicious coffee, tea, cappuchino and homemade scones! Last Saturday The Christmas Girls went back to participate in a great Christmas workshop. Very relaxing while encouraging your own creativity to come out. A great way to fill your Christmas activities.

The Gardenroom

You enter a lovely garden that reminds you of an English cottage garden. In summer this is even more beautiful. Amidst all the greenery underneath the cherry tree you find the Gardenroom. While participating in the workshop you are surrounded by this picturesque garden and feel submerged in nature. Atmospheric, peaceful, idyllic. Those are the first words that come to mind while working on your piece.

By now our hostess has built a second Gardenroom with a more warm and cosy feel underneath the beautiful roofshaped tree: “Morus alba Macrophylla”. The second Gardenroom gives a sun porch vibe. Warm, comfy, fire place. Another place to fully enjoy the workshops.

The Workshops

At Gardenroom Yvonne you can enjoy 6 amazing workshops all year long. Around the holidays those are extra Christmassy. You can choose the following workshops:

  • Painting china
  • Painting fat ladies
  • Canvas painting
  • Painting scaffolding wood
  • Painting serving trays

You don’t have to be a painter to participate in the workshops. A workshop is something fun and accessible for everyone, regardless of your experience. The workshops are available for two people or for groups. All the covid regulations are taken into consideration.

Our Hostess

After being in the bankworld for 31 years, Yvonne Leijtens traded her financial career for an artistic one in 2017. Since then she has focussed her attention fully on her workshops and her students while constantly looking for new ways to inspire and create new original afternoons.

Yvonne is very friendly, patient and hospitable. An amazing lady, warm and kind-hearted. With her professional eye you receive excellent guidance from her, while also being encouraged to release your creative mind.

The Christmas workshops

In November and December you can join the Christmas workshops in the Gardenrooms. Everything Christmas themed. Nice Christmas china in the shape of a Christmas tree or a Christmas two tiers tray in the shape of a star. Paint Christmas ornaments, jingle bells, reindeers or other Christmassy things on them. You can make it whatever you want.

In short, a workshop at Gardenroom Yvonne is a true experience. Definitely worth a try. Ofcourse, you don’t have to wait for the holidays to sign up.

For more information check

Are you signing up for a workshop? Let us know in the comments or on our socials.

Stay tuned for more,

The Christmas Girls

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