Christmas styles and trends 2022 – English version

Christmas is a box of tree ornaments that have become part of the family. – Charles M. Schulz

This past weekend we were back at the fair to see which Christmas themes, decorations, trends and other fun things are coming to the stores this fall.

Christmas decorations are a big part of the holidays. Whether you have an extensive collection or just a few Christmas balls, everyone has their own personal style. One person has multiple Christmas trees in the house while the other puts a nice wall paper of a Christmas tree on the wall and is content with that. One person prefers classic Christmas colours while another chooses bold colours instead. Because of this you see more themes emerging. More flavours, more options. You can create your own collection based on your own personal style.

We have come across different themes and will give you a quick run down of what’s to come.

Classic Christmas

Of course it is. This theme comes back every year and is a big crowd favourite. The reds and greens combined with gold and a touch of snow. From British teddy bears to nutcrackers or maybe the grandpa-like Santa Claus from the American Coca Cola commercials. This theme remains a huge hit and can be found in plenty of homes each Christmas. What is slowly making it’s way back are the nostalgic swing horses, vintage Christmas items and locomotives. Incredible nice to add to your own collection.

Candy Cane Christmas

The typical Candy Cane colours red and white are now among the classics. They have found their way to Holland for the past few years and the collection keeps growing while more stores pick up this theme. Ornaments in red and white, matt or glossy, big or small. It’s a now a recurring theme that comes back every year.

Paris Blush

Soft pinks, white and pearl, bordeaux or ochre red and flowers. Tons of flowers. This theme has a soft palet and has quite the romantic vibe. Add a nice Eiffel tower and you’re set.

The Lodge

Pastel blues, dark blue, white, sage green and most of all a lot of wood and natural products. This gives the sense of cosy cabin somewhere in the mountains. A warm blanket, skis, sleds. The nostalgic memories of when there were cold winter’s in Holland and you could play outside in the snow only to come home to a nice hearty pee soup. Delicious!

Delft Blue

More and more garden centers as well as stores pick up this theme. Ceramics with beautiful paintings in blue and white. Alongside the classic images you can now also find beautiful works with more modern images.

Jeweled White & Gold

White and golden ornaments with colours jewels. Warm and still a bit playful. Beautiful in a green pine tree.

Lilac Forest

We have seen the forest theme come back in different varieties. This year it’s a more natural variety. Pastels, soft peach, browns, natural producten all combined with a touch of lilac and violet.

Black & White

Last year’s theme slightly renewed. This time with touches of silver and old-fashioned locomotives. Stylish and elegant.

Golden glow

Gold ornaments, flowers, green or white trees. All with a golden glow. Gorgeous!


A new theme by Kurt S. Adler. Red and gold with a bit of black mixed in. A different theme but a nice edition.

Purely Natural

Natural products, handmade, DIY. A recurring theme with more variation. Definitely something to add your own touch too.

Coastal Christmas

Christmas with a bit of sunshine! For those who prefer to spend their holidays in a warmer place, this is a nice alternative. Sea shells, sea creatures, ocean colours. Christmas and still a touch of summer.

Disney & Marvel

This year Kurt S. Adler’s Disney collection is getting a nice expansion with Alice in Wonderland ornaments as well as Marvel. Disney fans can go nuts for this theme. If this is your thing, definitely make sure to check out Intratuin Halsteren and Intratuin Duiven this year where these two themes will be displayed a bit more extensively.

That was it for this year. Which theme piqued your interest? Do you have a clue on what you’re doing with your decorations this year? Let us know by leaving a reaction under the blog or on our social media.

Until next time,

The Christmas Girls 🎄

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