Christmas Fundraiser: Shine Your Light

For many people Christmas is approaching. The days are becoming colder and darker. Time for fun. Nice evenings with friends or family. Turning up the heater, put up the Christmas tree, collect your presents. Delicious food, candles and playing games with everyone. Who isn’t in the mood for that?


The reality is however that not everyone sees it as the most wonderful time for year. Because of the recession, enormous enery prices and other troubles, lots of families are in a bad financial storm. With questions such as “How are we getting through the month?”, “Do I need to lower the heater or even turn it off?”, “Will there be money left for presents?” or “Can we do anything extra at all this Christmas?”, people are constantly trying to stay afloat.

When I was you I experienced a similar Christmas. My father passed away that year. Our family was going to celebrate Christmas weekend with family and friends but that got cancelled last minute. We didn’t have any groceries and all looked a bit bleak. But through the love and generosity of others we were given a beautifully abundant Christmas packet with all kinds of goodies and necessities. This Christmas packet meant the world to us and we have never forgotten the gesture.


Make a difference

Christmas is a time of solidarity and connection. In a time such as this we definitely need it. To look out for one another, the company. A small gesture can mean a great deal to another. For me personally and for my family it taught us gratitude and compassion for others. Christmas is a holida you celebrate together. The celebration of light, fellowship.

Secret Santa

As a family we have been doing Secret Santa for years. We make or buy Christmas packters and give those to people who really need it. This is something The Christmas Girls are known for by now. We have done many of these kind of campaigns before in collaboration with churches and our own network of people to raise funds for several target groups. This year we want to involve you.

Pay it forward

Last year we became acquinted with a group of people who do a lot for single parents and low-income groups. We are talking about people so barely make ends meet. So this year we want to donate (anonymous) Christmas packets to this group. We want to do this together with you. It is not only fun to receive. Sometimes it is more beautiful to give. Pay it forward, pass it on. Sometimes we do nice campaigns for you and sometimes we do them for another.

Go Fund Me Fundraiser

What are we going to do? In order to be able to deliver these packets we need an amount of 900 euros. Starting to, the fundraiser is online through our Go Fund Me page. We want to ask you to donate an amount of your own choosing so we can deliver all these packages.

Any extra money we receive will be donated to the Foodbank.

For more information click the link here for the Go Fund Me page. Are you guys in? Sharing is caring!

Until next time!

The Christmas Girls 🎄

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